Ways to Bid

There are four ways you can bid at our auctions: in person, proxy bid, telephone bid, or internet bidding.



In Person

If you can attend the auction room on the day, you are able to bid in person. You will need to register before the auction starts in order that you can obtain a unique bidding number. You can do this either in the Saleroom or in the Accounts office.



By Proxy Bid

If you cannot attend the auction, you can choose to bid by proxy (also known as Commission Bid).

To make a proxy bid, you need to add the lot(s) you are interested in, to your bidding list by clicking on the 'ADD TO BIDDING LIST' button at the bottom of the lot image and enter the maximum amount you are prepared to pay (excluding the buyers premium). When you have added all your bids, click on the 'next' button to leave your contact details.

Alternatively, you can fill in a form that you can obtain from a member of staff prior to the auction.

A Proxy bid authorises the auctioneer to act for you and bid on your behalf up to your maximum amount.

Please make sure you get a response from us confirming receipt of your bids. N.B By completing the form you accept our terms and conditions. Once submitted, any alterations to your bid can only be made by calling the auction team on 01377 593593. Bids can only be accepted up to one hour prior to the commencement of the sale.

Bidding is still made incrementally as the auction progresses, and the auctioneer will not automatically offer your maximum amount.

If you authorise a maximum bid of £100, and in the auction room you have the final bid at £90, as long as this is above the reserve price, you will have won the item below your maximum amount.


Telephone Bid

For some auctions, on lots of over £400 bottom estimate or by agreement with the auctioneer, if you are unable to attend in person, but are available during the time of the auction, you can choose to bid by telephone.

To organise a telephone bid, you will need to complete a Telephone Bid Form and ensure you are contactable during the duration of the auction.

A member of the team will call you before the lot you are interested in comes up, they will repeat the auctioneer's words to you and you will tell the team member how much you wish to bid.

We advise leaving a covering bid in case of problems with the telephone network


Bidding Online

You can bid online on this website, please Login or if you're new, Create an Account.