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Spicers can provide you with accurate, professional valuations for single items, specialist collections, together with whole and partial house contents.



This can be in the traditional bound format or as more common these days, by email. Our fees are transparent with no hidden extras: £100 per hour or part thereof plus VAT. 


Probate valuations are a speciality of Spicers; headed by Andy, who has some 35 years of experience and with Sarah, having worked in the probate department of a local solicitor for some 20 years, you can be assured that you will be well looked after. Sarah will keep solicitors/executors up to date with how an estate is progressing through the auction process and also when it has been closed by us.  

Should you require a full or partial clearance we can arrange that with one of several independent firms of transport specialists that we recommend. Should a longcase clock be bequeathed to a beneficiary in Australia we can arrange that. The normal procedure being the removal of saleable items to the auction room, transportation of non-commercial, but still useable items, to various charities and then the remainder is taken for recycling.

For your peace of mind, we are pleased to be a member of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers and follow their guidelines with a separate client account for safe guarding of clients’ money.




Valuations are prepared for a variety of purposes including:


  • Probate/Inheritance Tax

    For executors and trustees


  • Insurance

    An invaluable record in the event of theft, loss or damage


  • Family and Matrimonial Division

    For fair distribution and impartial advice


  • Tax Planning

    Accurate retrospective valuations


  • Willing Buyer/Willing Seller

    Mutually beneficial current market values



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