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Spicers can provide you with accurate, professional valuations for single items, specialist collections, together with whole and partial house contents.




Probate valuations are a speciality of Spicers; 

Should you require a full or partial clearance we can arrange that with one of several independent firms of transport specialists that we recommend. Should a longcase clock be bequeathed to a beneficiary in Australia we can arrange that. The normal procedure being the removal of saleable items to the auction room, transportation of non-commercial, but still useable items, to various charities and then the remainder is taken for recycling.

For your peace of mind, we are pleased to be a member of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers and follow their guidelines with a separate client account for safe guarding of clients’ money.

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Valuations are prepared for a variety of purposes including:


  • Probate/Inheritance Tax

    For executors and trustees


  • Insurance

    An invaluable record in the event of theft, loss or damage


  • Family and Matrimonial Division

    For fair distribution and impartial advice


  • Tax Planning

    Accurate retrospective valuations


  • Willing Buyer/Willing Seller

    Mutually beneficial current market values



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