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Auction Calendar to January 2024

Posted On: 04 Oct 2023 by Barbara Spicer to Auction Calendar

Auction dates for your diary!



Below our table of auctions. Although we endeavour not to make any changes, sometimes it is inevitable.

We can accept consignments at any time. If you require a valuation please telephone to make an appointment or select your preferred time using our online form 

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29th September 2023

 22nd September


6th October 2023

 29th September

Modern & vintage home

13th October 2023

 6th October

Viewing Classic Vehicles

21st October 2023

 Viewing event only

Classic car & motorcycles

28th October 2023

 20th October 2023


4th November 2023

 28th October

Modern & vintage home

10th November 2023

 3rd November

Antique & Fine Art

24th November 2023

 17th November

Modern & vintage home

8th December 2023

 1st December


15th December 2023

 8th December

Modern & vintage home

5th January 2024

 22nd December