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Antiques and Fine Art






Antiques and Fine Art

Held four times a year on on Fridays.  With international promotion on industry leading bidding platforms Easy Live and The Saleroom our customer base is growing. Attracting regular bidders, watchers and vendors from Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, USA, Europe and the British Isles.  We take consignments in at any time through probate, house clearances, downsizers, house movers or due to a change of décor.

We hold regular valuation days as well as having on site valuers here most days and can handle all aspects of the selling service from start to finish to provide a safe, simple and secure solution to vendors and a comprehensive, high quality experience for our buyers. Make an appointment for a valuation or consultation here

Our dedicated team will consign, catalogue, photograph, present, promote, pack and process payments, all from our fabulous spacious facilities in the docklands area of Goole, East Yorkshire. Come and see us any time, we'd love to meet you. 

Snap, send, sell! You can send images by text or email for an online enquiry or valuation - Contact Andy 07469 956 936 or email: info@spicersauctioneers.com

Silver and Jewellery

Andy Spicer, formerly of Bonhams International, has over 40 years experience of presenting jewellery, silver and gold for auction. Offering personal valuations for probate or auction sale with Spicer's, Andy can quickly establish the value estimate on rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches whether they be diamond, emerald, sapphire, Swiss, French or British, gold, silver or platinum. With a keen interest in craftsmanship, quality and the current market place, consigned lots are placed into the most appropriate auction to ensure each has the best possible chance to attract the highest bidders, our photographers capture the essence of each piece and the cataloguers describe every detail with honesty and clarity. 

We also have our saleroom assistant James Bird GIA AJP who has previously worked at Adam Partridge auctioneers whilst living in the Midlands. During that time, as well as being a cataloguer, valuer, James has studied gemstone identification through a laboratory course and successfully completed a scholarship to earn him the title of applied jewellery professional. We are delighted to have him join our team, especially as we now offer Jewellery Auctions on the first Friday of the month. See our website for further information.


Along with our auctioneer valuers, Andy and Ian and now Edwyn Pym, who has recently joined us.

We are fortunate to have the expertise of book consultant Alex Alec-Smith nearby, who has been in the second hand antiquarian book trade for over thirty years. Alex recently curated the antiquarian Johnson of Hull book collection for us, which featured in the Fine Art Auction on 30 July 2021 achieving nearly £10,000 for the estate. More recently the Dawes collection of topography, antiquarian, theatre, magic, occult and cinema related books from his esteemed library in East Yorkshire.

Books of all eras pass through our saleroom on a regular basis.  Better quality and higher value lots are sold in the Fine art auctions, books relating to memorabilia are offered in the Collectors sales and items of lower value are sold in the regular Vintage and Modern Home auctions, it's always worth a key word search or following our auctions if specific types of books are of interest.

Clocks and Instruments

Clocks and Scientific Instruments feature in our four specialist auctions each year, selling a diverse range of items from all manner of clocks and timepieces, to the intricate world of instruments such as barographs, sextants and musical boxes. We were delighted to offer for auction much of the John Gresham collection of automaton, arcadia and a fine collection of Swiss musical boxes, the star of the show in April 2021 was a Lecoultre and Falconnet Key wind Quatre overture musical box which rea £32,400 including fees. 

We regularly offer arcadia for auction in our specialist sales and can add Watermouth Castle in Devon to our list of vendors in 2023. Watermouth is an arcadia, automaton and amusement attraction established in the 1970's. A recent change of ownership has brought about a review of the space and machines with a view to ensuring expectations of a great day out are met at this splendid mock castle, whilst encouraging returning and visitors with exciting new installations that fire the imagination, bring back memories and fascinate young audiences.


Works of art

This a very diverse subject covering all sorts of interesting genres that are considered beautiful, interesting or of artistic value, a curio perhaps? Such delights may include  bronzes, ceramics, glassware and a whole host of trinkets, treasures, charms and collectibles from across the centuries such Meiji period Japanese Okimono's, Art Deco bronze and maritime models and garden sculptures. 

Oils, watercolours and prints

We are established auctioneers of local artists such as The Elwells, Fred and Mary, Walter Goodin, Jack Rigg and northern artists such as Lowry which we offer in our Fine Art and Antique quarterly auctions. 

In addition, we have a section within each Vintage and Modern home furnishing auctions, usually held twice a month, for lower value and group lots. All sales are live online and presented over two bidding platforms and in the saleroom where subscribers can watch or bid in real time enabling us to reach a growing national and international audience. Whether consigning single paintings or a collection to fine art or furnishings we can offer a valuation if you send images on your smart phone, by email or request a home visit. 

Stamps and Coins

We have been fortunate over the years to have a steady flow of stamps pass through the Saleroom, including many private collections. Most are sold within our specialist collectors sales, however, items of lesser value can also be offered in our more regular general auctions. Stamp collecting has been one of the world's most popular hobbies since the late nineteenth century.

We have a great relationship with local stamp expert Graham Wilkinson, who is on hand to offer valuations, drawing on his lifetime experience as a collector and enthusiast.

If you have any stamps or coins whether they are single items, small or large collections, then please contact us should you need to discuss their value with  our experts.

Wines and Spirits

We love learning about wines and spirits at Spicer's, this category that has proved very popular. Vintage wines and spirits may be offered along with some non-vintage lots as we have to acquire a licence for the whole.

A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.

Louis Pasteur

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