About The Team

Andy Spicer took over the Driffield Exchange Saleroom in 2019 having first opened its doors in 1964 as the chattels division of the old established firm Dee Atkinson & Harrison. Over fifty years on, a new name 'Spicer's Auctioneers' the rostrum has moved to Goole, still in East Yorkshire, just 30 miles away we look forward to welcoming vendors and buyers as we head for a new adventure with Andy Spicer at the helm, ably assisted by Ian Almond as we build a new team, in a new location with new opportunities on the river and canal side in these lovely, industrial surroundings, so close to many road and rail links.



In 2016 Andy Spicer, formerly of the international auctioneers Bonham's, was appointed saleroom manager and the firm began to embrace the digital age. In March 2019, Andy completed the purchase of the Saleroom and rebranded the firm Spicer's Auctioneers. New working procedures have been introduced, new IT, back office computer package with dedicated links between the website, online platforms and clients, as well as dual selling platforms, thesaleroom.com and easylive.com enable the firm to reach a truly global market place.

The new premises at Dutch River Side have had the latest technology installed to meet the demands of online working and international clients. We have Biomass heating and Solar Power to help with the sustainability of the two fully accessible salerooms, increased numbers of full time staff, a growing auction calendar of general and specialist auctions. We have an increasing social media presence as we grow our audience numbers to ensure we attract the best prices for our vendors and buyers. 

All of the auctions are hosted online, with over 60% of lots offered bought by internet buyers, with the Collectors auction this can rise to 75%, the internet bidders are also very strong underbidders and this has resulted in a significant lift in the average prices achieved and a drop in the number of unsold lots. In 2016 the average lot value in a Home Furnishing auction was £25, today it is in the region of £120/150 and the selling rate is regularly now over 90%.

The thrice yearly Classic and Vintage Car & Motorcycle auctions generate interesting entries coming from across England, Wales and Scotland. We have become the largest Classic Motorcycle auctioneer in the North of England and have the record, at £48,500, for the most expensive motorcycle sold at auction in the North.



Meet the Saleroom Team


photo of Andy Spicer

Andy Spicer ASFAV

Director, Valuer and Auctioneer

01405 203203

Andy has over thirty years’ experience in the Fine Art & Antiques business, having previously worked for the International companies Phillips and Bonhams. His specialities are jewellery, watches, silver, coins, medals, Art Deco bronzes, motor cars and motorcycles.



Ian Almond  - Saleroom Manager

I have been in a saleroom environment for over fifteen years and with Spicer's from the on start. I’m the Saleroom Manager and auctioneer. The collector’s sale is one of the many auctions I enjoy the most because it’s a forever changing and never ceases to amaze me just what people collect in the ever changing marketplace. My interests are in 20th Century antiques and collectables, live music and Motorbikes. “I’m hoping to enjoy life being happy and healthy watching my grandchildren grow up”


Barbara Spicer - General Manager

I've been helping Andy and the team occasionally since the first Classic Car and Bike sale at Sledmere. I don't know if it was the howling gale or the freezing cold but we went on to be married 2019. Every day is an adventure! Since Andy took over the business fully from Dee, Atkinson and Harrison and renamed it Spicer's we have been looking for new premises, so having found the Dutch River Side, Old Waterways Museum in Goole, we were thrilled and delighted we were still in East Yorkshire. We decided I should work part-time with him, though I do have another job that requires my attention a few days a week. I've loved being involved in planning our move, recruiting our staff and to begin welcoming people to the Waterways Saleroom. We've got lots of ideas to make this lovely location fabulous for everyone to visit. The Spicer's motto is seems is:- 'We'll get there in the end' and we do!



Abbie Ward - Photographer and Saleroom Assistant.

I joined the Spicer's in March 2021 as part of the media team and saleroom assistant. With it being a small team it makes for a family environment. Taking photographs of some really interesting things that come in has been enjoyable and you get to learn what interest’s people have when it comes to auctions. Customers are very friendly and are more than happy to talk about their interests about the things they have bought and are dropping off for auctions. I see my future at Spicer's to be one where I can learn as much about the business and be able to handle any job that needs doing. “My biggest goal would be to travel around America, Europe and visit pandas in China with my camera”.



Bobby Cartwright - Apprentice

I got the amazing opportunity to start an apprenticeship at Spicers in June 2021.

I have really enjoyed my time here so far as there is always something new to learn about the business and the items sold there! All the staff are helpful, easy to talk to and generally lovely people which is comforting being the youngest there going into something so unfamiliar. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me at Spicers. 





Mark Knowles - Photographer and Saleroom Assistant

I joined Spicer's in March 2021 and is part of our media team and a saleroom assistant. What interests me about this role is the variety of different things that we see everyday, and also getting to play with old cameras, it is a friendly atmosphere and there is always a coffee on the go. I like working in Goole because working next to the water brings a sense of calm to the job, although my fear of ducks is a strong as ever. “With the amount of lifting while working here, it’s saves paying for a gym membership”.

Nadezda Artemjeva

I have been helping out with the auctions for a few years now, but have officially joined the team in June 2021. I’ve just graduated with a law degree and am starting solicitor’s training in September. My role at Spicer’s is to ensure we are following all legal requirements and to support management in the HR area of the business. I was very excited for Andy and Barbara for having found this perfect place for Spicer’s, the lunch breaks by the canal are the best! In my free time I love travelling and exploring new places as well as enjoying time spent with family.



Sarah Jeffers - Receptionist, Probate Services and Office Administrator

I joined Spicers in May 2021 as a Telephone/Information Officer.  This is a completely different change for me after working in the Legal Sector for 26 years as a Probate Secretary.  I am really enjoying my time here as it is very diverse and extremely busy and the days just fly by.  The work is so interesting and no two days are the same.  It does have a family feel about the place and everyone is always on hand to help and really friendly.  The customers are very friendly too.    I’m learning so much about auctions every day.  In my spare time I love spending time with my family and friends.



Stacey Parkin - Bookkeeper and Finance administrator

I joined Spicers in June 2021, I handle all the finances and payroll. With it being a small team its easy to make friends and feel part of the family unit. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I am enjoying putting my skills and knowledge to good use, I am learning something new about the auction process every day. The things people bring in are amazing, most with interesting stories behind them. I look forward to learning more about the business and building on my knowledge of such a wide and varied position.



Stephen Johnson - Porter

I’m the porter for Spicer's and have been a part of the team since December 2020, my job role includes bringing in deliveries and dealing with customers who collect and drop off, as well as helping setting up for the next sale. The move to Goole has been an interesting one for me since I live locally, I know the area and can help everyone find what they need. I collect vinyl and enjoy gardening in my spare time. My plan for my future at Spicer's is to stay here long term and learn more about the business.



Sue Grogan - Caretaker

I have been at Spicer’s since the start of April, it is a friendly company to work for and is only a few minutes from home along the canal. What I like about working here is the way everything is recycled and is environmentally friendly. I hope to be working here for a long time as I enjoy the work that I do.

Alex Alec-Smith - Book Consultant

New to auctioneering, I have been in the second hand antiquarian book trade for thirty plus years.

I look forward to working further with Spicer's!