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SOLD £750
Lot 27
Est : £200 - £300
An early 20th Century Edison Fireside Phonograph, with model K combination reproducer and oak case w ...
SOLD £1500
Lot 38
Est : £150 - £200
A mid 19th Century Bohemian violin, with 35.5cm two piece maple back and medium grain spruce belly, ...
SOLD £1600
Lot 39
Est : £400 - £600
A Saxony cello, circa 1900 with 76.5cm two piece plain maple back and medium grain spruce belly, 122 ...
SOLD £1100
Lot 44
Est : £850 - £950
A 19th century French violin, with 35?cm single piece maple back and spruce top, bears label Aldric ...

Whether it is instruments, books, autographs or equipment for playing prerecorded music and film, the music and film section covers all manner of items.

Although mainly reserved for our collectors sales, items under this category can find there way into any of our sales depending on the timing of their consignment. Our valuers carry out extensive research into all items in order to arrive at the right recommendations and guide prices for sale.

If you would like to discuss the sale or to have an insurance valuation of any item then please contact our valuation team.



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